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TEL: 0573-7674562
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(1) city chauffeur car hire and enjoy free cab service and waive the security deposit.
(2) car rental limited 300 km per day, monthly limit 5000 miles per month.
(3) rental price does not include taxes, fuel fees, road toll, parking fee.
(4) driver with driver service fee charged 150 yuan a day, 4-hour charges 80 Yuan. Long term rent driver services to customers monthly basic salary of 3000 Yuan, working 8 hours a day, charged overtime charge 30 yuan/hour overtime, holidays prescribed by the State driver service fee charged 300 yuan a day.
(5) the car 24 hours a day, with driver for 10 hours a day, hour 4 hour minimum. 51, plenary, Spring Festival national holiday rent floating 30%.

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