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TEL: 0573-7674562

welcome the majority of owners to join
Jiaxing lucky wind car rental co seeking partners interested in car rental industry for business development.
Welcome job seekers, individuals or private vehicles to join. Please call us!
1, name, identity card number, telephone number, cell phone number, home address, driver;
2, model, type, description, brand, market stalls, car color, almost new, age, car seats;
3, expect rental price, long term rent prices, whether oil or mileage;
4, daily working hours, extra limits for extra lines;
If you are interested in the car rental industry, to purchase a new car, joined our company. If you have a spare vehicle you can call my company for legitimate business, to provide franchisees focus on advertising, business sharing, reduce costs, improve revenue per month.
Interested parties may contact me or apply online.

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