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Several tips for the proper use of car air conditioning in the summer

In such a hot summer, and how to use air conditioning, our friends car rental is a matter of concern. Below we introduce a few simple tips. Protect clean air. If the car driving on the dusty road, air inlet should be placed within the loop to prevent external dust to enter.
Rational selection of air conditioning wind shift. When the speed is less than 25km/h, and wind speed should be switched into low gear to avoid electricity shortages and insufficient air-conditioning. Master the engine start procedure. No speed control device for automotive air conditioning systems, should be used to start the engine, rear air conditioning, to prevent difficult starting.
Hot, car air should be discharged, when the window is closed, and air conditioning systems are the most efficient. But if the car parked in the Sun for a long time, when it is very hot inside the car, after turning on the air conditioning, open a window, wait for the hot air inside the car out again close.
When the engine load should be temporarily off the air conditioning. Otherwise, once the engine is overheating, it will affect the car, will also affect the use of air conditioning.
Air conditioning is poor, switch off air conditioning checks in a timely manner. When poor air conditioning cooling effect, indicating that the system is bad, turn off the air conditioning in a timely manner to protect and prolong the service life of air conditioning air conditioning is very important. Fault should be professional maintenance.

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