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Experts teach you how to fuel for your car to turn the fuel off

Although recent drop in oil prices, but the decline was not up to expectations. Domestic oil prices rose fastest, saw a bigger drop slow, small amplitude makes car rental, taxi Division, private car owners find the oil pressure. Policy is formulated, but what is up to us to use the car. However, fuel is the hard truth. If you find your own car oil than with other vehicles fare, it is necessary to love handlebar control. Experts was parked in a car repair workshop as an example to explain.
Best Pack light
Experts first before the whole car, he opened the trunk of the car, found a box of mineral water, a tennis racket, and some odd objects for the home. "Many owners like the car as ' locker ' anything to squeeze, it's convenient. Meanwhile, weighing dozens of kilograms in weight, how can you not charge oil? "
With that, and goes around the car in a circle of experts, pointed out that the tire for the broad and not enough gas right back door there is a depression; travel racks installed on the roof; the body is dirty car likely cause gas. "Tires for wide-format may be better security, but increase the friction will increase fuel consumption. Tire air, body sags, for increasing body accessories, paint surface not smooth also increases the driving reasons for resistance. "
Develop good driving habits
City lights a lot at urban traffic had to stop-and-go. "Owners should pay attention to choose a route before driving, driving to the attention not impatient. Many owners worry stop fling, so a lot of oil is not saying, and prone to accidents. "
When driving long distances, the best traveling at economical speed. Economic speed is generally between 70~90km/h. If the long-term economic driving speed, the actual size and manufacturers of fuel consumption fuel consumption of mark value should be close to, and in the interest of fuel economy, safety, reduce the wear is.
In addition, the economic speed is not constant, it can be affected by factors such as road conditions, loads, wind influence. In General, good roads, small loads and wind, high economic speed; poor road conditions, heavy load, wind, low economical speed.
Reducing the use of in-car appliances
Is the power consumption of the electrical equipment, its power comes from generators. Rely on engine-driven generator, engine is "drink the oil." Electrical equipment, gas, of course. All appliances including air conditioning, lights, alarm, Chronograph, demister etc, in order to save fuel, try to reduce or not use power equipment in the vehicle.

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