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How big is the car rental industry day in China?

This is not a concern for the market industry: it contains enormous potential and incredible business opportunity, development speed is slightly slower. Odder still is that if we look at the many industries, as a monopoly, it is industry giant has the strength and they have the condition, but not yet mass "captured" one of a handful of industries.
This is the car rental industry. A few years ago, global car rental giant "Hz" and "Avis" broken halberds and silence in the Chinese market. Just a few short years, new rise of three local companies--Supreme, divine, Hey, they skillfully draw the "Hz mode", and local improvement and innovation, take this quick to seize the market. So far, China's car market has become the industry dubbed "East of North China, the southern extreme, hi" new romance of three kingdoms.
This reporter recently interviewed the head of the big three. In the interview, they were very positive about this new industry: the car rental market in China has just started, large market capacity is difficult to measure. But at the same time, the market is far from mature is the biggest challenge facing these companies.
Extreme car rental Chairman He Weijun revealed that subtle. He told reporters: I've always believed that, car rental industry will become a great industry! finished, he slowly pieced a sentence: "when will this day come? "
"China's car industry has just started"
"China's car rental industry has just started. "He Weijun said that China's market capacity and is difficult to measure, he is directed at the huge potential in the market and set up a Supreme car rental.
Car rental market has great potential, experts predict that the demand until 2015 the lease of vehicles will reach 300,000 to 400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan. However, the currently registered rental vehicle not more than about 100,000 vehicles, an annual turnover of less than 2 billion yuan.
Small is the universal characteristics of car rental companies. EHI President Zhang told reporters that the domestic car market is now composed mainly of three types of enterprises. First, large State-owned regional car rental company, the main business for enterprises long tours and team transfers. Second, privately-owned national chain of car rental companies, such as EHI, China auto rental and the luxury car rental. Third, local small car rental company, vehicle scale ranges from several to dozens of vehicles, qualifications and business are more chaotic.
Mr Zhang is very bullish on the China market: household vehicle ownership in China is less than 4%, but in the development of automobile industry United States and 300 million people with 200 million cars, household vehicle ownership is close to 70%. If the United States the proportion of China's 1.5 billion people in the future will have 1 billion vehicles. To our natural environment, resource allocation and other aspects of the issue would be disastrous. "In order to achieve sustainable development of automotive industry, as represented by the car rental resource sharing model is the only way. "
"The Chinese market has just started, market size is very large. "China auto rental Vice President Wei Dong said foreign car rental industry for more than 90 years old, rental car outlets is very developed abroad, especially at the airport. When you arrive in the airport, the airport bus will take you to rental car, and then drive you to where you want to go. Domestic car rental industry is currently developing more than 10 years, the State also proposes to speed up the development of the market and the car rental market, guide and to promote automobile consumption, so the car rental industry has much room for development in the future.
Local companies also "staking"
In 2002, the international car rental giant Hertz, Avis was enters China soon suffered another endemic, mainly due to both its business model problem, but is connected to the market early.
"Citizens ' credit system in our country is not perfect, the lack of industry standards, is the further development of the car rental company roadblocks. "EHI President Zhang said, this is United States largest car rental firm Hertz died fast in China because.
However, as China's mass adoption of credit card and credit system established, the domestic car rental industry to bring golden opportunities. First established of national chain sex car rental Enterprise extreme was think is Hertz of China version, in national first introduced from guarantees, and 0 rent of credit card card car rental service, will traditional cumbersome of car rental procedures for has Subversion sex reform; a Hi is alternative, initially into market provides of is generation driving service, to achieved has dislocation competition; China car rental absorption has international mature market of experience and for has local of transformation, since driving and generation driving balance advance, provides has currently domestic most perfect of value-added service, And always committed to breakthrough innovations in business models.
Although the national chain car rental market in China is mainly for Supreme, divine, one Hey are divided, but their size compared to foreign giants, it is "the Ant and the elephant".
"Supreme has more than 1000 vehicles, but in foreign countries, Hertz, a chain of rental car giant has more than 500,000 vehicles. "Supreme car rental Chairman He Weijun said, local car rental companies and foreign car giants as evidenced by the gap.
At present, the Supreme, divine, Hi enterprises is still in "staking" stage, the main objective is to further expand the number of vehicles in the national network and optimize the layout.
Market development there are many "stumbling blocks"
Although the Chinese car market has great potential, but the market still has many "stumbling block" and hinder the rapid development of the market.
"To date, our industries are still in their infancy stage. "Supreme car rental Chairman He Weijun said, first of all, the lack of policy support. Car rental industry in developed countries on the leading role of the auto industry and other related industries is huge, in mature foreign markets, car rental markets have more than taxi market. In China, due to not develop that market, car rental market is small.
Secondly, the imperfection of individual credit system in China has also increased car rental business operating costs and customer rental costs, hinders development of the industry. At present, in the industry, cheating is common, to rent a no small risk to the enterprise.
Third is the car rental industry regulations and policies are not perfect. For example some car hire companies to provide chauffeur service, which is not allowed in China's current laws, these services are in the grey area. This car rental company, one image is: "take off the ceiling taxi", or "hanging the brand Blue label".
For example some car hire companies to provide chauffeur service, which at present is in the grey area in the law. Rent a car in violation of, in mature foreign markets for car traffic violations that occur, car rental company is not responsible for any liability, provided that the lessee's information, the departments concerned will be sent directly to customers. But in China, tickets are often sent to the car rental company, and then by car rental companies and customers solve some consumers disagree on the ticket, that add a lot of cost to the company.
Foreign Giants again with China
Precisely because of these unfavorable factors, foreign giants have not attacked in the Chinese market, but they have been eyeing the Chinese market.
"In fact, foreign giants never left China, they just do not think that now is the time to. "He Weijun said factors such as the population and economy in China, the market potential is" a very, very big ". In their world, the Chinese market is the only one that is not taken off the market. When the time is right, they also force.
In this regard, also have expressed concern about the car rental companies do not. "We welcome foreign giants, they all have a lot of strength, can quickly promote the upgrading of the car rental market, work together to make the pie bigger. "China auto rental, Wei Dong, Deputy says foreign giants, but to adapt to the environment in the domestic market is not easy. For local enterprise, we of advantage also is obviously, China car rental of since driving business throughout national 30 a city, provides generation driving service of city is over 100 a, is peer in the up of, models is both has business activities and leisure travel of double needs, while also provides has industry in the most perfect of value-added service, which including relies on UAA joint car club of national rescue service, this are is we of advantage. "We also understand China's legal environment and conditions, therefore, the competition, China was never worried.

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