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Car rental new power of focused industry

Rent a new generation of emerging industries, full of hope, full of thorns. New power of focused industry, "$literal" and "taxi" will be "renting"
At the end of June 2008, and 13 car rental companies of central city in China has more than 800 companies, operating vehicles only 45,000 units, 80% operation of these vehicles less than 50 units.
In the Shenyang market, for example, the road transport operators permit formal car rental companies of less than 20, but the tone, wedding ceremonies of all kinds, such as car rental companies have carried out nearly 200.
A car rental company in Shenyang said overall growth of the industry in the first quarter reached 20%, now comes as car rental season. New and used car sales boom, but there are a lot of people prefer to rent this mainly to "taxi".
Who lives in hunnan, bei Ling work of Mr Wang has just become a car rental, his reasons for choosing car rental is that peak sooner or later a taxi difficult, and he's often small sections of congestion, often goes out to play and other reasons, the taxi is not better than car rental deal.
In addition, "$literal", "after the" groups as well as the car rental industry's "guest of honor", their 6th week car rental rate is higher than that from Monday to Friday, the main use of the car rental is your weekend break, MPV, is that they are willing to opt for the model.
Shen car rental business segments food
Tenant's strength grows, but their profits, after all, only a car rental business of 20%, 80% of car rental enterprises profit from State-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and other customers for long-term contracts.
In Shenyang, Korea Samsung Electronics, France Airbus, United States foreign-funded enterprises such as General Electric, budget considerations for investment costs, preferred car rental and credit businesses. Meanwhile, railway, construction, surveillance companies and other State-owned enterprises are gradually slopes towards the car rental market. At present, there are several State-owned enterprises are Anji car rental company car rental and Shenyang public cooperation.
In Shenyang, various medium and large leasing companies are rapidly rising, but they invariably focus on steering and foreign companies signed a long-term contract.
On this, Korea chain Kam Lake car rental limited responsibility company vehicles management forest Manager said: "currently Shenyang car rental company many, competition fierce, but each home company of operation mode is not same, like, we home main do long-term rental, target customer main is foreign units, rental of target customer select different, in is big degree Shang will ease some not appropriate of competition situation. "
Shenyang automobile leasing industry competition under a lot of pressure, although momentum is not obvious, but it is simmering.
Anna Wang said informal business car leasing enterprise's greatest impact on the industry as a whole, as they provide personal vehicle affiliated businesses, leading to rental cars at low prices, has won a large portion of the customer's approval. But consumers don't know is that these private vehicles due to lack of insurance, vehicle maintenance, accidents, and not easy to clarify responsibility, consumers often do not have access to reasonable compensation.
Industry needs to improve policies and regulations
Car rental not only to drive the new car sales, can also promote the used-car business, and to a certain extent, relieve traffic congestion problems.
Now abroad, 28%~35% of vehicles sold every year are used in the leasing industry. Foreign car rental companies will not only provide customers with professional car rental services, but also to provide national rescue, remote vehicle, GPS navigation, child seats and various value-added services such as home delivery to meet the full range of customer needs, but domestic car rental industry is in its early stages of development and facing bottlenecks.
Experienced automotive experts said Chen Guangzu, car rental industry is the indispensable key chains in the automotive industry, an important addition is a popular way to travel. Development of gradient transfer in favour of automobile consumption, promoting the virtuous cycle of automobile dealers industry through economic leverage further prosperity in China's auto market. China's car rental industry from the accumulation of the qualitative leap, it is necessary to complete the building of large-scale, networked and standardized.
In 2004, the official introduction of the Beijing municipal regulation on car rental, clear of leasing companies, leasing rights and responsibilities, and also clarified the responsibility of administrative authorities, operators and tenants ' rights are protected, has been in a State of disorder, operation order provides a legal basis for the car rental industry, defined the rights and obligations of owners, tenants.
But this is just a local regulations, there are also similar problems in Shenyang in China and other parts of the same look forward to obtaining legal protection.
Insiders say industry regulations for markets and society as a whole has very great significance, development to the present size of the domestic car rental market, urgent need from a source with appropriate regulations to standardize and guide.
4S shop lease for sale
The development potential of the car rental market, car manufacturers and the 4S shops have bet, with rent sale business.
In April, the Audi brand for consumer demand to open a car rental business, for 4S shop trying to car rental business to open up car sales market opened up new directions.
Lease for sale, usually referred to as "rent for sale" finance lease, can be said to be an extension of car sales, not only can increase the car manufacturer and distributor sales, but also can bring many benefits to leasing company and the lessee.
Last year, Nissan Motor launched the "rental" business, opened in this business is also an innovative automotive service brand. This means that the car is no longer private, chain, but went into the simple car brands, not only opens up new sales channels, expanded the store service capabilities, more consumers can better experience the joy of the car.
Liaoning aotong automobile sales and service, finance and insurance Manager Wang said: "our car rental company is mainly aimed at State-run and private enterprises and institutions, with rent for sale, rent a car model can reduce some of the liabilities of the company or enterprise, fixed assets and optimize the taxation of car rental companies, businesses, so that every car rental customers can always drive new cars. "
She also said, currently recognized this items business of consumers increasingly more, main is because, rental company will sale car form in the of one-time back paragraph into one two years between recovered, while tenant party can enjoy to as rental customer should get of car works procedures handle, and insurance claims, and rescue repair, service, save raised car of troubles, and, to rent sale way for national ministries organ large enterprises of bus reform, directly will on personal car fill change for car rental costs, both conducive to personal and conducive to enterprise.
Personal car leasing process
Car in the shop, Shenyang city, members of the public, to carry identity cards, driving licences, credit cards (by car rental credit card) Nathan signed rental contract clear powers and responsibilities identified vehicle insurance, insurance policy
(Note: when verifying insurance, complete to test whether the insurance: compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, excluding deductible insurance, insurance, rescue, passenger insurance, such as theft of seats; in addition, the registration name to conform with the rental contract, otherwise it is affiliated)

Enterprise customer to store selected vehicles issued by the relevant certificate (business license, account opening license) 4S store submitted for approval under car rental companies online review notification letter on 4S shops to help customers license, insurance on corporate customers (monthly payment)
(Note: the current rent sale open to enterprise customers only)
From birth to hot to calm, experienced ups and downs of the car rental industry. From private company to company to 4S shop car rental model car rental industry in attracting consumer attention at the same time, continuous change and innovation.

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