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Cars how to apply in the Mainland of Hong Kong license plates

Can not buy vehicles from the Mainland to apply for license plates in Hong Kong, Hong Kong-funded enterprises in Guangdong and private vehicles are vehicles purchased in Hong Kong. Car is not available in the Mainland.
Now in Hong Kong who wish to enter the Chinese mainland's approach is limited, many people thought that this was the exclusive rights, in fact, is not absolutely true, in general there are 2 ways:
1. Apply for private cars in-and-out mainland driving certificate
2. Apply for temporary entry to enter China driving license plates
Apply for private cars in-and-out mainland license plates there are generally 3 types of object:
1. Hong Kong businessmen in the Guangdong province to invest "three to" enterprise
2. Hong Kong businessmen investing in Guangdong Province "joint venture" company
3. Hong Kong businessmen investing in Guangdong Province "owned" enterprise
For this type of licence or Hong Kong and China (Guangdong and Hong Kong licence), is not really ordinary people can handle, usually successful vehicles in Hong Kong will be able to handle such a licence free access to Hong Kong and the Mainland, and across provincial boundaries.
Apply method:
1. Hong Kong and Macao businesses to apply for Hong Kong and Macau private cars in-and-out mainland license plates application
2. Application for businesses to joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises are required to submit the People's Republic of China Taiwan, Macao and overseas Chinese invested Enterprise approval certificate or the People's Republic of China foreign investment enterprises belong to enterprises are required to submit your certificate of approval issued by the competent authorities of the agreement (contract) certificate of registration and the processing of supplementary agreements for approval form
3. Joint ventures and wholly-owned businesses need to provide is indicated by the paid-up capital of the company business license, Guangdong Province, enterprises need to provide external processing-use of operating permit or business license
4. Registered public accounting firms in the province on the previous capital verification report of the enterprise (the practising permit and business license shall be accompanied by a public accounting firm)
5. Chinese Hong Kong business registration file
6. Hong Kong vehicle registration document (owner's name and company name)
7. Hong Kong private car owners name is inconsistent with investment companies, Hong Kong Limited need to provide last year's application form for the annual Hong Kong Ltd provided the needed individuals carrying on business in Hong Kong business registration application
8. Enterprises need to provide equipment for customs import declarations of goods
9. the driver's permit, identity card (photocopy), driver's license (copy)
10. Driver front big size photo 1, left side of the front of the vehicle 88x60 Photo 4
11. Completed the Hong Kong and Macau vehicles, drivers entry and exit application form
Apply for temporary entry to enter China driving license:
Agencies: Office of the Guangdong Public Security Bureau traffic Police Corps vehicle administration
Go through the address: new town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou City, Golden harvest Cun Jian Peng Lu, (zip code: 510440)
Tel: 020-83111536
Handle the basis and conditions: temporary entry of vehicles and drivers means approved by the competent national departments, temporary (not more than three months) immigration to participate in organized tours, contests and other activities of foreign motor vehicles and foreign pilots, members of the Hong Kong, Macao, and overseas Chinese and their driving motor vehicles.
1. People's Republic of China motor vehicle temporary number plates of the claim form;
2. People's Republic of China provisional driver's license to apply for motor vehicle form for
3. Approval of the competent authorities concerned (original);
4. Copy of driving licence;
5. Pilots recently (within one year) half-length Hat two-inch photos with positive two.
1. To the relevant competent authority approval document;
2. Get to the DMV certificate of approval according to;
3. Vehicle inspection companies in China (Hong Kong), access to company (Macau) is responsible for the installation plate.
Processing time:
Province DMV settles three business days after acceptance.

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